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Apple “Hoard”

Suppliers of 10” LCD and OLED computer panels in Asia are claiming to be sold out after iPhone maker Apple pre-ordered them all for its top secret but highly anticipated tablet.

Pop Divas

When you think of Pop Art, the art movement that dominated the late 1950s and early 1960s in America, you almost automatically cast up the wigged head of Andy Warhol. […]

Cold Snap

The huge snowstorms that hit the mid-Atlantic states may have done more than just close roads and schools. They may also have had a chilling effect on climate change legislation […]

Target Practice

The American art scene lost one of the great, yet forgotten artists of the twentieth century last Tuesday with the passing of Kenneth Noland at 85 years of age.  One […]

Where is the news?

An Irish Sunday Tabloid recently carried the following Headline on it's front page, "Kerry: I'll die young". For those of you who don't know, the Kerry in question is not a figure in Politics, not a Humanitarian,not a film star and not a pop star, not anymore anyway.

Lost dreams

Warm and Comfortable UGG Boots When heard of winter, cold may come in your mind at once. If you are ready for the coming of winter, you should never be […]