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Catching up with Kamchatka

The NASA Earth Observatory posted an excellent image today of the erupting volcano Shiveluch on the Kamchatka Peninsula. This isolated part of eastern Russia is one of the most volcanically […]

#14: Recycling Is a Waste

Could recycling actually be hurting the environment? In a recent policy paper, “Recycling Myths Revisited”, Professor Daniel K. Benjamin, a senior fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) […]


The Texas school board's recent decisions to make the local curriculum more conservative is troublesome in light of the state's disproportionate influence on national textbook sales.

Buzz Off!

Google Buzz is under fire for violating the privacy of its gmail clients by making their email contact list into a public friends list on the new social media platform.

A Healthy Dose of Pragmatism

In health care and medicine, mistakes are sometimes made. Unintentionally amputating the wrong foot; whoops. Erroneously injecting three times the proper dosage of penicillin; sorry about that. Incorrectly mailing Mr. […]

Prof. Krugman VS Tim Geithner, To Whom will be right (part II)

Prof. Krugman VS Tim Geithner, To Whom will be right (part II).rn rn I hate to see Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ can even figure out a way to home deliver its newspaper to rural area, that NYT CANNOT! That worries me, in NYT almost every day it seems to me that the Columnists, in NYT write articles that aim at teaching other how to save the world. In realty they can not save my beloved (may be not his!) NYT from depression! How can make me believe their writing?rn rn rnrnrnrnrn rn