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Hot Poetry

Scientists, poets and thermal imaging technology got together over Valentine’s weekend to investigate whether love poems can ignite “instant fires” in your blushing cheeks.

Beer Bones

Beer drinkers are toasting a new study which suggests that beer is good for your bones as it is rich in silicon and may help prevent osteoporosis.

Dynamic Duo

Canadian artist San Base uses cutting-edge computer technology to make his images literally dance to the music. Imagine the Yule Log video, only trippier and infinitely more interesting.

Still Getting Hot In Here

Yes. There’s snow in Spain. And in the south of France. Yes, it’s recently been cold in places that aren’t usually cold, and yes, Florida residents have been wearing parkas […]

The Other Victorians

One of my first subversive art experiences was watching Terry Gilliam’s animated collage title sequences for Monty Python. The Pythons loved to poke fun at the vestiges of stuffy Victorian […]

Sharky Midwife

Staff at a New Zealand aquarium were astonished to find baby sharks spilling from a wound in a female school shark’s stomach after she was bitten by another shark.rn