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Why I care about celebrities

Many readers have often asked me why I care about celebrities and Bieber’s latest activity is a good illustration. Justin Bieber, the incredibly popular and famous teen pop idol, wrote […]

Energy is the New Currency

Bistra Milovansky chases inspiration for a living. The Bulgarian immigrant and self-described “holistic lawyer” can often be found doing business from a hammock in Costa Rica, working on her laptop […]

Video! See My Speech at Syracuse

Last month, I was invited to Syracuse University by the local affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance, where I spoke on the topic of atheism and morality. I’m happy to […]

Eyes Are the Windows to the Brain

Who a person is relates to how they move their eyes, says cognitive scientist Dr. Aaron Risko. New eye-tracking technology is giving researchers more insight into how someone thinks.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Boston, Amritsar, Derry; names of places and events that the British Army would rather forget. For although the events that occurred in these places span the centuries, they have one […]

Monday Musings

Shiveluch continues its noisy summer, we hope to avoid unnecessary noise at Crater Lake National Park and former noise spotted on Mars.