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Why Civil War Art Is Self-Defeating

Among the many things about America that the American Civil War changed was its art. Painting and sculpture simply couldn’t be the same. In these sesquicentennial years, every aspect of […]

Seeing Art the Way Jane Austen Saw it

On May 24, 1813, just months after publishing Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen went to a show in search of her female hero. ”I dare say Mrs. D[arcy] will be […]

Chicken Soup for the Mistress’ Soul

Dear Lover or Mistress: Let’s face it.  No one’s making chicken soup for your cheating soul. You’re not well-liked. If you’re a public figure and you get caught, pundits will […]

When (and How) Rothko Became Rothko

Mark Rothko only got as far as his sophomore year at Yale before fleeing that WASP nest of anti-Semitism and elitism. Forty-six years later, Yale awarded him an honorary degree […]

Half-finished or half-baked? 005

Random musings. Half-finished (and quite possibly half-baked) thoughts.nThings that have caught my eye… n One of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a longntime n Attractingnthe twentysomething worker. Describes […]