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Is Social Media Leading to Tired Students?

Many teens are showing up to school sleep-deprived from late night social media use, and it may be hurting their academic performance. Researchers find that "over a third of young people appear to be waking up during the night to send or check messages via social media." 

Solar System Answers

Image credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute (JHUAPL/SwRI). Saw “Solar System Questions” by xkcd? Here’s what science thinks it knows. “Put two ships in the open sea, […]

Demystifying hallucinations

Dr. Oliver Sacks’ 2013 book Hallucinations is a tremendous anthology of case studies of hallucinatory experiences recorded through his decades of work as a clinical neurologist, his analysis of clinical […]

The Athlete Mixed Marriage

“What are you thinking?” is a booby-trapped marriage question. I know this, but I can’t always resist its shiny lure.   My husband John and I were on a long […]

Is Higher Education Worth It?

The fascinating billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel (a Facebook guy, the PayPal guy etc.) seems to be carrying the day against the educational establishment in answering this question negatively. He’s teamed up […]