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To criticise Islam

Here is a statement that shouldn’t result in anyone being called racist: I think religion is a particularly harmful way of viewing the world, because it encourages irrational thought, groupthink, […]

How to Generate a Good Idea

Several years ago, Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister conducted a study that measured the productivity of computer programmers. Their data set included more than 600 programmers from 92 companies. According […]

Are Group Thinking and Group Learning Oxymorons?

Here’s a fine think-piece by Susan Cain that praises some introversion as indispensable for creativity.  To some great extent, Socrates and Jesus were solitary men.  And the wisdom they shared with us couldn’t […]


Susan Funk , in her spiritedly assertive comment to my recent post on Kelly Christopherson , said, “Hey! I want some feedback on my recent blog post !” So here […]

Banking and Looting

Plenty of people on Wall Street knew that a crash was coming—and that they responded by grabbing all the profit they could, writes Christopher Hayes. He thinks they should face criminal sanctions.