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Kidnapping: Take Two

Mohammed al-Qadhi has a good piece detailing the latest kidnappings both in ‘Amran and in Sa’dah. He explains government accusations that the Huthis were behind both – a charge the […]

Monday Papers

Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new audio tape yesterday, which focused on four different subjects. The second of these was on Yemen. His message was not that different form al-Wahayshi’s last […]

Qasim al-Raymi: II

Here is a brief bio on Qasim al-Raymi that I wrote back in 2007. Qasim Yahya Mahdi al-Raymi (b. 1977): Al-Raymi is from Sanaa, and was also known by the […]

Friday papers

A YSP leader and his son were killed in Amran. The details are a little sketchy but it seems as though the two came under gunfire and were killed. Husayn […]

Tuesday Papers

Al-Tagheer and other news outlets are reporting that the head of the Central Security Forces in al-Jawf, Ali Zayad survived an assassination attempt on Monday. The government is blaming the […]

Some papers

Today is just one of those days when, try as I might, I just can’t keep my mind on the work I’m supposed to be doing and am instead sucked […]

Friday Papers: Arrest in Marib

Both al-Tagheer and News Yemen are reporting that Yemeni security forces have arrested a young al-Qaeda suspect in Marib.Al-Tagheer gives us his initials, age (25) and place of residence (al-Qatn, […]

Take Two in Marib?

A little over seven years ago, an unmanned US drone killed the head of al-Qaeda in Yemen, Abu ‘Ali al-Harithi, and with his death it effectively destroyed al-Qaeda in the […]

Follow-Up Food Post

Below we discussed some of the security implications for the rising price of food in Yemen. Here, briefly (I hope) are a few things that show just how bad the […]

Water Wars

The Middle East's poorest country, Yemen, already spends a third of its families' income on fresh water, which is predicted to become too expensive to consume by 2017.