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Hockney Retrospective

Art critic Karen Wright charts her run-ins with English painter David Hockney over the last ten years. The prolific painter has taken to photography and even drawing on his iPhone.

Drinking With Dickens

If Christopher Hitchens were to spend "a long and arduous evening in the alehouses and outer purlieus" of 19th Century London, he'd want to be doing it in the company of Charles Dickens.

Sexy Music?

Searching for a biological explanation of music, the British science writer Philip Ball takes stock of Darwin's idea that it could aid in the reproductive process and Steven Pinker's view that it is merely icing on the cake.

Cheever’s Facebook

Edmund White’s eloquent consideration of Cheever in the new New York Review of Books remembers the late author’s connections with Chekhov, his love/hate relationship with Catcher in the Rye, and […]

Big Bang Fears

The world's biggest physics experiment will suffer another setback in two years time when it is expected to be shut down for repairs, pushing full operating capacity back another year.

A Very English Revolution

There is an irony, although it is hardly surprising, that a very English Revolutionary and devout Parliamentarian, John Hampden, and the family name of “Hampden,” is better remembered in the […]

Tarnished Sheen

Lawyers for Brooke Mueller Sheen, the wife of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, have said she wants the domestic violence case against him dismissed after the pair were reunited.

Not Just a Pretty Face

“For me, a picture, since it is easel paintings that we have to paint, should be something lovable, joyful, and pretty: yes, pretty!,” Pierre-August Renoir once said in self-defense. “I […]

The Big Stink

Three British Labour Members of Parliament and one Conservative Peer are facing charges under the Theft Act, and could if found guilty, be facing up to seven years in jail. […]