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32 – Britain, USA

The The once sang about Great Britain being the ’51st State of the USA’ – a comment on the culture and foreign policy of the United Kingdom, which were then […]

Uneasy Listening

What’s the problem with iTunes, iPods, and other convenient listening devices, asks The Los Angeles Times’ Steve Almond? Nothing, except for the devaluation of the music experience.

Real-life Spiderman?

A palm-sized device inspired by a tiny purple beetle that feeds on palm leaves could one day enable humans to walk up walls in manner similar to comic book hero Spiderman.

Box of Apple

Apple’s much awaited tablet device aims to reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television in the same way that the iPod revolutionised the music industry.

Media Daze

A new report says young people spend nearly eight hours each day on one media platform or another, up one hour from five years ago, which is more time than they go to school or even sleep.