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A Miracle on the Fourth

Well, don’t get excited.  I know it really wasn’t a miracle.  But the strangely persistent summer rain that took out all the other July 4th activities in this part of the […]

When Modernism First Moved

Modernism first moved on May 29, 1913. That’s century-old hyperbole, of course, but if any date achieves day of infamy status for modern art in the 20th century, it’s the […]

The Dark Side of Antioxidants

Not all vitamins are good for all people, all the time. In fact, some can kill you. And guess what? We know where the bodies are buried.

Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

The amygdala is a part of the brain that plays a key role in processing emotions. How does the amygdala function differently in a psychopath's brain from that of a normal person?

When Bad Actions Have Good Consequences

Phoney-baloney outrage. Black-hat, white-hat exaggeration. Every day, I get emails some activist organization or other, suggesting that the nation hangs by a thread, about to drop into a bottomless pit […]

A Summer Reading List for Innovators

If ideas are the currency of the future, then books are still the best way to trade these ideas with others. To celebrate the 600th blog post of Endless Innovation, I’ve put together […]

The Importance of Repudiated Books

There was a German Jewish philosopher named Franz Rosenzweig who died of ALS at the age of 43 in 1929. The words on the very last page of his great […]

Orwell and the Refugees

1n 1947, Ukranian refugee Ihor Ševčenko wrote to England and persuaded George Orwell to authorize a Ukranian translation of Animal Farm. Over six decades later, writer Andrea Chalupa tracked down the story of this extraordinary man. 

Atheists Don’t Just Want Sex and Drugs

This essay was previously published on AlterNet. The death of Christopher Hitchens in December sparked an outpouring of tributes. Most of them praised his best qualities: his ferocious courage, his […]

Is Print the New Counterculture?

Since March of this year, a series of extraordinary paper sculptures has appeared in various locations around Edinburgh, Scotland. Each location is a library or other institution devoted to the […]