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What Would Jesus Insure?

Conservative Christians used their lobbying muscle to create a gaping loophole in health care reform’s individual mandate, reports Sarah Posner in the American Prospect. Members of so-called Health Care Sharing […]

Typing on Skin

A new technology called "Skinput" uses bio-acoustic sensors to allow people to use the skin on their fingers and forearms -- or any part of their bodies -- as touchpads to control mobile devices.

The Media vs. ACORN

This Wednesday a federal judge ruled that the congressional bill, passed last year by both houses, which barred the community organizing group ACORN from receiving federal funds amounted to a […]

Career Angst? Go Back to Kindergarten

The financial crisis threw a lot of us into a funk: either we lost our jobs or questioned what we were doing with our lives in the first place. Some literally packed their bags and went on 6 month trips around the world. If you can’t do the global adventure trip, but would love to ‘reset’ your thinking and career, start by living the kindergarten life!

Horse Trading

The Christian Science Monitor envisions a political compromise where trying the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a military tribunal is exchanged for the closing of Gitmo.

Tarnished Sheen

Lawyers for Brooke Mueller Sheen, the wife of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, have said she wants the domestic violence case against him dismissed after the pair were reunited.

“Allah Row” Escalates

Two further churches have been firebombed in Malaysia yesterday, bringing the total to six, as the row over the translation of Muslim “Allah” for the Christian “god” escalates.

Scores of Bodies

Volunteers have recovered scores more corpses in Nigeria’s central Plateau state following violent and religiously motivated clashes which erupted in recent days.

Mad as Hell

Americans have had enough. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, two-thirds of Americans describe themselves as either “dissatisfied” or “angry” with the government. That’s the largest number since […]

Glad Tidings?

A verdict on the trial of China’s most prominent dissident will be reached on Christmas day following a hearing which lasted just two hours.