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Healthy Unions

Does being in a good marriage make you healthier? Researchers have discovered that people in negative or stressful marriages have lower immune-system response.

Old At 35

Academics have decided that you stop being young at 35 – a recent milestone for The Telegraph’s Harry de Quetteville. Better fetch the pipe and slippers!

Pirates Killed

Three Somali pirates have been killed and others wounded in an overnight gun battle concerning the sharing of a ransom paid for the release of a Greek-flagged supertanker.

The Possibility of Coup d’e tat in Pakistan

rnrnFirst it is an academic article only, at which I tried to use the Physic’s Chaotic theory, modern conditioning theory of human behavior and David X. Li’s mathematic model to predict the chance of Coup d’e tat in Pakistan.rnrn*Warning: It is only an academic guess, which was the first time to use the above- said three models to predict Coup d’e tat ! rnrn