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Bin Laden’s Son

Son of the world's most wanted man, Omar Bin Laden says in a video interview that his father is more moderate than many jihadists and talks of his own affinity for western culture.

Intelligence Risk

A low IQ is among the top heart-related health risks, scientists have warned, suggesting that public health campaigns need to target those with low intelligence in order to work.

Worm Eaters

Dieters in Hong Kong are being warned by government health officials about the dangers of swallowing parasitic worms, which can grow to up to 15 inches, in the hope of shedding fat.

Pombo Joins 2010 Dirty Dozen

Every election year, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) elects to their “Dirty Dozen” list twelve members of Congress who “consistently vote against the environment and are up for re-election […]

Dalai Harm

China has warned that its relationship with the US would suffer if American President Barack Obama were to agree to meet with exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama.

Iran Warning

Western countries have warned Iran not to defy international demands by carrying out its plan to build 10 uranium enrichment sites which could be used to develop nuclear arms.

Double Dip?

A defeat of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s quest for another four-year term could raise the risk of a “double dip” recession, economists have warned.

Animal Diseases

Scientists are warning that deadly animal diseases are poised to begin infecting humans as environmental disruption lowers the human-animal species barrier.

“Fatal Attraction”

While enthusiasts will claim a fatal attraction to Apple’s new touch screen tablet “iPad”, critics have warned that the Wi-Fi and 3G device will suffer for its exclusivity to the AT&T network.

World HIV Cup

Officials are warning that the World Cup in South Africa could be a public health disaster with half the nation’s prostitutes carrying HIV and half a million football fans expected in the region.

Brooding Giant

For those of us who didn’t live in the time that the moral giant Martin Luther King, Jr., walked the earth, we have only the pictures—the young, fiery preacher, the […]