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Qasim al-Raymi: II

Here is a brief bio on Qasim al-Raymi that I wrote back in 2007. Qasim Yahya Mahdi al-Raymi (b. 1977): Al-Raymi is from Sanaa, and was also known by the […]

Yemen’s Future?

This report in the New York Times details the latest drone attack in Pakistan, which killed at least 25 people Saturday.Yemen has long been compared unflatteringly to both Afghanistan and […]

Obama’s Sino Expert and The Rising China

The Sino-expert didn’t suggest our President Obama to quote Karl Marx but Mencius. I hope the Chinese comrades have the courage to get rid of the “Goat skin” of Communism and further walk out the shadow of Deng Xiaoping. Sino-expert of America can learn something from Mencius. Chinese surely can learn from him too and change the modern China to a positive rising China.