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Support African Americans for Humanism

As NPR recently reported, there’s a high price to pay for being a black atheist in America. African Americans who come out of the closet as nonreligious may be cut […]

Economics, Immigration, and Eugenics

In my last post, I mentioned in passing the eugenic dimensions of tax and immigration policy. The genetic quality of the national stock is a taboo subject, and for familiar, […]

Networked Readiness Index

The Networked Readiness Index measures how prepared countries are to tap into the power of ICTs by focusing on the readiness of the environment and stakeholders as well as measuring […]

375 – Europe Beyond ASCII

n “Thanks to Unicode and OpenType, modern fonts are overcoming thelimitations of traditional European typography. The size of the countries on this map does not correspond to their geographical area, […]

Togo Attacked

The Togo national soccer team considers whether to withdraw from the Africa Cup tournament after its bus was ambushed by militants.

Togo Attack

Angolan security forces have arrested two people following a deadly attack on Togo’s football team at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

Togo Goes Home?

While the Togo PM calls on the national soccer team to return home following the killing of three players the team wants to stay and compete in their honor.