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Should Virtual Suicide Be Outlawed?

Recently a company in the Netherlands known as “Moddr.Net” released a software application allowing users to commit “virtual suicide.”  Their free product, the “Web 2.0 Suicide Machine” allows users to […]

Divorce Is Part of Modern Love

While psychologists have preferred the term 'blended family' to 'broken home', true blending rarely occurs in second-marriages. Fracture at home is becoming a tolerable reality of modern families.

Batwoman Comes Out

Batwoman is gay. Originally introduced as part of DC Comics’ 52 series as part of a push to introduce more minority superheroes, the new Batwoman was fleshed out by Greg […]

Smearing Islam

When evangelist Franklin Graham—son of the better known Billy Graham—had his invitation to the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service rescinded after Muslim members of the military complained about comments […]