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Steve Case on Framing and Dawkins

If anyone should understand how to effectively communicate with the broader public about teaching evolution in schools, it’s Dr. Steve Case. He’s assistant director of the Center for Science Education […]

A Good Year to Die

It’s a good year to die. Right now—for the first time in 94 years—there’s no estate tax. So if something should happen to you, your beneficiaries won’t have to pay […]

216 – US Annexes Amazon Forest!

  n “Geographical manuals in US schools show an amputated Brazil, without the Amazon and the Pantanal. This is how students are taught that these are ‘international’ areas, in other […]

the open source entrepreneur

an article I posted in businessweek about how the notion of the expansive corporation is receding and instead we are seeing the rise of free agents connecting around opportunities. It is in this new dynamic that I find a strong potential for a new economic revival.