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Gay Animals

Homosexual activity has been documented in many animal species but labeling animals as gay carries social baggage that scientists want to keep out of their research.

Extreme Introspection

We’ve always had a strange fascination with watching ourselves. Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray famously agonized over the reflection of a hedonist life on his portrait, which aged and suffered at […]

Feng Shui Will

The dispute over the will of one of Asia’s wealthiest women, Nina Wang, was found in favor of her family’s charitable foundation despite her feng shui expert lover claiming a stake.

The Changing Climate

I have often been asked about my thoughts on the recently increased storm activity and global warming. The fact is, you cannot judge a book by its cover, so you […]

Sweet Salary

A new study has revealed that people who have recently consumed a sugary drink are more successful at negotiating a pay rise that those who do so on an empty stomach.

Coral Reefs in Danger

The director of the census bureau in charge of marine species, called the Global Marine Species Assessment, has issued a warning about the deterioration of earth’s coral reefs. It was […]

Role Model

What impact will Disney’s first black princess have on kids? The Independent’s Paul McKenzie asks why even watching the advert has got his daughter so excited.

Algae Resilience

A diverse range of corals harboring unusual symbiotic algae in the warm Indian Ocean suggests resilience to future global warming, Penn State researchers have found.

Voodoo Wasps

Scientists are planning on recruiting a tiny species of wasp, nicknamed “voodoo wasps”, in the war on agricultural pests and as part of a wider effort to boost food production.

Funny Valentine

OK, gents, The Art Love Doctor is IN! You’re pressed for time and short on ideas for buying that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lady. Somewhere in the recesses […]

The Big Stink

Three British Labour Members of Parliament and one Conservative Peer are facing charges under the Theft Act, and could if found guilty, be facing up to seven years in jail. […]