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Bisphenol A is Dead. Long Live Bisphenol A

            The FDA has banned bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles in sippy cups.             The FDA has not banned BPA for use in food containers.             Huh?             What […]

Internet Mission Control: Safety or Privacy First?

Would you exchange your personal privacy for an Internet that’s not boring? Companies like Airtime – which launched to a mix of acclaim, hype and skepticism last week – certainly hope so. They hope that you will allow certain […]

One Million Moms versus Gay Superheroes

Something is wrong in the world when a real organisation is undermined by fictional comics characters with superpowers. A group inaccurately called One Million Moms or OMM (their membership is […]

Bruce Lee on Transformation

Sex symbol. Lethal weapon. Superstar. Chuck Norris dominator. Whatever epic descriptions we use to remember Bruce Lee, it’s hard to imagine this legendary martial artist once struggled in his career. […]

Memorial Day, Every Day

A little science-fiction philosophy to provoke you to remember on Memorial Day, courtesy of Oxford philosopher Derek Parfit: Suppose you were given the chance to teleport yourself, Star Trek style, […]

Missing Person

When J.D. Salinger passed away recently, many casual fans who only remember him from tattered copies of The Catcher in the Rye lost long ago seemed shocked that he was […]