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Invisibility Cloak

A German team has turned tales of invisibility cloaks, made famous by Grimm’s fairy tales and Harry Potter, into a potential – albeit a small – reality. About 0.00005 inches in fact.

Spinning the Web

Nestle has been forced to change its environmentally-destructive business practices after a social media coup; what can netroots activists learn from the victory? After it was revealed that the Swiss […]

Real-life Spiderman?

A palm-sized device inspired by a tiny purple beetle that feeds on palm leaves could one day enable humans to walk up walls in manner similar to comic book hero Spiderman.

Feng Shui Will

The dispute over the will of one of Asia’s wealthiest women, Nina Wang, was found in favor of her family’s charitable foundation despite her feng shui expert lover claiming a stake.

Infidelity as Bonding?

Julie Powell, author of Julie & Julia, writes in today's Guardian that there is a light at the end of infidelity's dark tunnel if partners are willing to overcome societal pressures to split.

Recycled Medals

This winter's Olympic medals contain recycled material from junked electronic equipment like circuit boards and cathode ray tubes that would otherwise occupy a dump.

Sweet Salary

A new study has revealed that people who have recently consumed a sugary drink are more successful at negotiating a pay rise that those who do so on an empty stomach.

J.D. Salinger

Following the death of iconic American author J.D. Salinger yesterday, publisher Roger Lathbury recalls a book deal with the eccentric writer which went sour.

Funny Valentine

OK, gents, The Art Love Doctor is IN! You’re pressed for time and short on ideas for buying that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lady. Somewhere in the recesses […]

The Crying Game

Whenever I hear the name of Turner Prize-winning artist, Chris Ofili, I unfortunately think of the old Monty Python joke: “What’s brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!” For Americans […]