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Sex at Oxbridge

In a recent issue of British tabloid Grazia, the now celebrated (and still anonymous) “Oxbridge Sex Blogger” has a chance to explain her motives. She claims she’s simply attempting to […]

Hear The Sun Sing

Your kindergarten teacher warned you not to look directly at the sun, but not to worry: now you can listen to it sing, instead. Scientists have long tracked the intensity […]

Produce Wealth ♪♫ Be Happy ♪♫ Be Wise ♪♫٩(๏̯͡๏)۶¯`••._.•٩Mo$۶¯`

INTRODUCING …•٩Mo$۶¯`rnrnrnMy Idea is quite simple- that is the beauty of this ´idea`- enough with these special goofy charters... but they are part of the plan as well... as you can see, these characters evoke emotion and comatose analysis session... big think is what I see above - a very attractive and emotionally charged logo... I can see that the “b” in BIG has a curving upper stem... coincidence.. I think not! Aha, oYo and YiYiYippy...

A Charmed Life in Art

We at Big Think have rarely interviewed someone more sanguine than legendary graphic artist Milton Glaser. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise: ever since a small promotional assignment for the […]

An Obamacon’s Lament

As President Obama doggedly prioritizes universal coverage over a thorough revamp of the health care system that would deliver truly efficient, sustainable care, “Obamacons”, like me, who helped elect him, […]