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Quiz: Mars or Earth?

With a whole-planet comparison, you’d never confuse the two worlds. But from their surfaces, telling them apart is harder than you’d think. Image credit: NASA. Think you can tell the red […]

Science is what made America great

Astronaut David Scott salutes the American flag during the Apollo 15 mission. Image credit: NASA. Want to ‘make America great again’? Not without science, you won’t. “Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated […]

Richard Hamilton: The True King of Pop?

Michael Jackson proudly wore the crown as the “King of Pop” until his death in 2009. In the visual arts, at least for Americans, Andy Warhol’s ruled as the “King […]

The Arts

What is Punk? Punk isn’t about mohawks or studded leather, says Henry Rollins – it’s about resistance to tyranny in any form. How Art Can Change Society, with Sarah Lewis Sarah […]

Happy Constitution Day!

As I explained a couple of years ago, I lost interest in talking up Constitution Day when the government said we at colleges that get federal money are required to […]

Why Civil War Art Is Self-Defeating

Among the many things about America that the American Civil War changed was its art. Painting and sculpture simply couldn’t be the same. In these sesquicentennial years, every aspect of […]