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Is This the First “Honest” Bible?

As Penn Jillettesaid right here on, “Reading the Bible (or the Koran, or the Torah) will make you an atheist.” Of course, just reading the Bible itself—all 66 canonical […]

People with a death-wish

ONE of my childhood buddies died unexpectedly at the age of eighteen. That was many years ago, in Hamm, Germany. While alive, he was a known brawler, a brutish drunk, […]

The Failed Quest of Orphan Theology

After her uterus nearly erupted, Vyckie Garrison was rushed to the hospital to give birth to her seventh child. The emergency caesarean section nearly killed her. Her doctor warned the […]

More on Being Personal Today

So this post–like some others–is meant to be diagnostic.  It’s a postmodern and conservative observation on who sophisticated Americans think they are these days.  As an attempt to be an […]