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Happy Perfect Number Day

Forget Pi day and Tau day. Make June 28th the best math holiday you’ve never considered! “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.” –Beyoncé […]

Five Good Post-Thanksgiving Reads

Some links for your post-Thanksgiving political edification: At the Atlantic, Philip Mackowiac tells us that “Abraham Lincoln often spoke and dreamed about being assassinated” and asks whether Lincoln would have […]

Should Psychologists Just Butt Out of Politics?

Strictly speaking, a “psychopundit” is William Saletan’s term for a scholar who uses psychology to explain what’s wrong with people who don’t vote for Democrats or recycle or otherwise agree […]

The “War on Women:” A Two-Front Conflict

In November of 1977, Houston hosted a national women’s conference to hammer out a broad agenda against sexual inequality. It was hailed as the most diverse American political gathering in […]