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Are Liberals Killing Art?

In his recent New Republic article titled “Liberals Are Killing Art: How the Left became obsessed with ideology over beauty,” art critic Jed Perl makes a convoluted argument that liberalism […]

Do You Have a Morganatic Marriage?

I was reading a 1937 essay in which the author made casual mention of the problem of “morganatic marriage.” I’d never heard this term before.  I figured it might be […]

Why Rodin Is Dangerous Again

“Danger: Art Inside,” read the labels on the crated sculptures as I toured last month the almost-ready-for-public-viewing, but now restored, reinstalled, and reinterpreted Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The signs […]

Fetal Cells Gone Wild

Might we someday use fetal stem cells, harvested from blood or organs, to boost the brain, treat cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and reverse the ravages of age?