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‘Natural’ Doesn’t Always Mean Good, Part One

The massive damage humans have done to the natural world has provoked a backlash that could be just as dangerous, or more. There is a growing global rejection of technology and almost anything human-made in favor of whatever is more 'natural.' But a simplistic rejection of modern technologies eliminates many of our best options for solving the problems we've created.

Is America Free?

America is much like the Hotel California: “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

The Classy Grammys

The GRAMMYS turned out to be one of the classiest and most entertaining award shows ever.  Certainly the show blew away the Super Bowl on both fronts.  Even the commercials […]

The First Industrial Evolution

If the first industrial revolution was all about mass manufacturing and machine power replacing manual labor, the First Industrial Evolution will be about the ability to evolve your personal designs […]

The Only Best and Smartest, Ben Bernanke

I can predict (may I Professor Roubini!), Bank industry is safe now! The had been tested, best and smartest Ben Bernanke! He does not want more money, more fame! He just wants the American survive this recession and serves the people! I wish President Obama would extend one more term for this humble Ben! Let him finish his job!!