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Quick Thoughts on Ukraine and Europe

So I rarely share my opinions on contemporary international relations.  Let me throw caution to wind and say something about the significance about what’s going on in Ukraine. The real […]

Peak Experiencers and Jesus the Zealot

In The Power of Myth, a book-length interview conducted by Bill Moyers with Joseph Campbell, the mythologist said ‘It’s the Christ on the cross that’s lovable.’ He was responding to […]

Is Balthus the “Crazy Cat Lady” of Modern Art?

When London’s Tate Gallery asked the French painter Balthus for some personal details to include in a 1968 retrospective exhibition, Balthus replied via telegram: “No biographical details. Begin: Balthus is […]

How To Convert a Muslim to Jesus (Or Not)

Observing the Roman Empire crumble from North Africa in the fifth century, St Augustine of Hippo decided that while waging war against fellow Christians was sinful, throwing up arms against […]

The Evolution of Publishing

Spurred by the growing mass-market acceptance of the Kindle e-book reader and the launch of the 800-pound Espresso print-on-demand machine, the publishing world is continuing to evolve in response to […]