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The Planets that Never Were

How Worlds Thought in the 1960s to be Circling Barnard’s Star Turned out to be Illusions. Image via: In this golden age of exoplanet discovery, it is hard to […]

Searching for Shylock

I wanted my audience to identify with Shylock in a deeply personal way, so much so that they would involuntarily nod and think, “Yes, I understand, I have been there.”

579 – A 1939 Map of Physics

Geography was my favourite subject in school; physics the one I disliked the most. If only I’d known about this Map of Physics!   This spatial representation of the subject, dating […]

Skepticon Wrap-Up: Day 1

As promised earlier, here’s a full wrap-up of my weekend attending Skepticon IV in Springfield, Missouri. I really have to give tons of credit to the organizers, who not only […]