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The Most Wanted Particle

What the world’s most powerful collider found, and may yet still find. “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” –Tom Freston […]

How A Graduation Photo Can Make You Famous In China

Xue Yifan And Her Cool Graduation ‘Group-Photo’ Inspire A Nation BEIJING – In China’s over-populated and ultra-competitive education system –the largest in the world with 200 million students in elementary […]

Utopia with Chinese Characteristics

“All cultures have their legitimacy and should be respected. But just because they are all legitimate, this does not mean they all achieve the same degree of excellence.” –GU Zhengkun […]

And The Best University In China Is…

Beida vs Tsinghua – China’s world class universities and global players BEIJING– Beida and Tsinghua are the two most prominent universities in China, a country of 1.35 billion people. (There […]

More Than A 1000 Philosophers

LOVERS of the Big Think will rejoice at hearing about the world’s largest migration of brain: BEIJING – Thousands of philosophers are expected to descend upon China’s capital in 2018 in […]

Ban Ki-moon: Good Morning China!

Does Ban Ki-moon see China as the next superpower? The General Secretary of the United Nations sent his warm greetings to Beijing Forum 2013, a governmental prestige project – thereby […]

Who is a Chinese?

This topic deserves more attention. Below you will find an [abridged] transcript of a fascinating talk given on Chinese identity by Frank Ching, an American writer and journalist. It touches […]

5 Big Ideas in the Year of the Horse

In the Chinese Zodiac, the horse symbolized high expectations, performance, and stubbornness. What better occasion than this to talk about the heavy work load that’s awaiting China’s leaders, economists, and […]

Dreams of De-Westernization

BEIJING AND SHANGHAI – Every single Western writer in China will face a tough decision in 2014: “Do I translate Chinese terms or not? If negated, this could lead to […]

Chinese Top Universities Plagued With Corruption

BEIJING – Chinese universities are plagued with corruption. Last November, the clique around Cai Rongsheng at Renmin University got busted. The 48-years old ‘Chief of the Student Admissions Office’ tried […]

5 Big Ideas in the Year of the Snake

In the Chinese Zodiac, the snake is a mythical creature that symbolizes academia, wisdom, and the pursuit of knowledge. What better year than this to talk about the coming expansion of Chinese thought and the rise of China's terminologies.