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Why Are Some Lives Worth More Than Others?

Everyone you pass on the street, each person you drive by every day, has a story as well. To claim their death is not worth noticing is to say that their life was not worth living. And that's too bad, because interdependence is something we all rely on every single day, knowingly or not. 

Painting the Real Face of Bond, James Bond

In addition to all the glitz and the glam, Hart Dyke’s seen and painted the very real danger of being in Her Majesty’s Secret Service and looked upon the real face of James Bond.

What Scientists Can Learn from Actors

— Guest post by Emma Waldman, American University student. Scientist-turned filmmaker Randy Olson argues that it takes more than literal-minded facts and information to communicate about topics like climate change to […]

The Risk Perception Gap, Herman Cain, and You and Me

            That Herman Cain allegedly had a long term extramarital relationship, and deluded himself into believing he could keep that secret while running for President, raises once again that ever-puzzling […]