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Mastering the Unnatural Act of Leadership

Alisa Cohn

Executive coach and author of From Start-Up to Grown-Up 

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Mastering the Unnatural Act of Leadership / Lead yourself, your team, and your business

Strong leaders confront their insecurities, work to improve their capabilities, and pass the resulting confidence onto their teams. Mastering the Unnatural Act of Leadership is designed to help learners begin that process.

Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek
Leadership courses with Alisa Cohn
Alisa Cohn
Leadership courses with Charlene Li
Charlene Li
Covered topics
Goal Setting
Receiving Feedback
Psychological Safety
Giving Feedback
Classes included
  1. Radical Self-Examination
  2. Creating Psychological Safety
  3. The Art of Feedback
  4. Achieving Business Objectives
  5. Leading in a Digital Age
Learning objectives
  • Practice radical self-examination
  • Create a sense of psychological safety for yourself and your team
  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Set measurable goals and communicate them to your team
  • Lead in today’s virtual environments

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders / Influencing others begins with EQ

Influencing others begins with EQ. This leadership course explores the domains of emotional intelligence, starting with awareness of self and others, and ending with how to manage relationships.

Leadership courses with Daniel Goleman
Daniel Goleman
Leadership courses with Valerie Purdie Greenaway
Valerie Purdie Greenaway
Leadership courses with Kenji Yoshino
Kenji Yoshino
Covered topics
Social Awareness
Servant Leadership
Classes included
  1. Self-Awareness for Leaders
  2. Foundations in Self-Management for Leaders
  3. Social Awareness for Leaders
  4. Advanced Social Awareness for Leaders (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)
  5. Relationship Management for Leaders
Learning objectives
  • Build awareness of your strengths, your limitations, and the values that define you.
  • Explore ways to create space between yourself and your thoughts and emotions to help boost self-control.
  • Develop awareness of how people see the world differently based on individual preferences as well as social and environmental factors.
  • Use awareness of self and others to work toward collaboration, innovation, and mutually beneficial relationships.

The Leader’s Handbook / Unlocking the secrets of values-based leadership

True leaders aren’t born — they’re made. The Leader’s Handbook serves as a primer for emerging leaders and helps them unlock the power of values-based leadership.

Leadership courses with Bill George
Bill George
Leadership courses with Joel Peterson
Joel Peterson
Leadership courses with Beth Comstock
Beth Comstock
Covered topics
Trust Building
Goal Setting
Risk Management
Classes included
  1. Becoming an Authentic Leader
  2. Developing High-Trust Organizations
  3. The Leadership Challenge
  4. Imagining It Forward
  5. Managing Risk
Learning objectives
  • Lead yourself by cultivating authenticity
  • Lead others by building trust
  • Lead your business by improving your business acumen
  • Develop innovation strategies by thinking offensively
  • Mitigate risk by thinking defensively

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