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Unveiling Big Think+ Curations: Launch custom learning experiences in minutes

Save and group content to support your unique learning programs
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At Big Think+, we understand that every learning and development team is unique, with diverse needs and aspirations. Whether you’re a one-person learning team or navigating the complexities of a large L&D department, one consistent desire echoes through our conversations with customers: the need for adaptability. While structured courses play a critical role in most programs, modern learners and learning managers want the ability to customize experiences and blaze their own learning paths. That’s why we decided to build a feature that would empower users to do just that.

Enter Big Think+ Curations.

Curations, a dynamic new feature available to Big Think+ platform users, enables learning managers and learners to save and group Lessons, Classes, Learning Paths, and Courses for self-paced learning. And with just a few clicks, learning managers can publish Curations to their learners’ home pages for easy access.

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Anyone can add content to a Curation from anywhere on Big Think+

Adaptability lies at the heart of Curations’ design. In a world of quickly evolving educational requirements, this feature equips learners and learning managers with the agility to deploy content on demand. With Curations, users can:

  • Save content for later consumption
  • Craft personalized learning experiences aligned with individual goals and preferences
  • Curate content collections tailored to organizational needs, launching them within minutes
  • Stay captivated by experiences tailored to their interests and aspirations

Curations’ capabilities extend beyond mere customization, supporting the intricacies of robust learning programs. Learning managers can effortlessly group content into distinct sections, each with a unique name, description, and runtime. These sections allow learning managers to arrange content according to thematic coherence, learner proficiency levels, or specific program requisites.

With Curations, the possibilities are boundless. Anyone within your organization can contribute content from any corner of the Big Think+ platform, fostering collaborative knowledge curation and dissemination.

Excited to give it a try? We invite your organization to integrate Curations into your Big Think+ experience today, unlocking a new level of learning potential. Request a personalized demo and our team will be here, ready to give you a walkthrough.


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