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The Invisible Mountains of Earth

Image credit: © 2015 MotorTrend Magazine, via How gravity teaches us that the mountains we see extend far underground. “Journalists often ask me when I go to the field, […]

Why Does Women’s Body Hair Gross People Out?

A recent study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly reveals that most women are disgusted by the thought of female body hair or the thought of themselves not shaving. The stigma of female body hair no doubt stems from societal pressure, but perhaps there's a scientific explanation as well.

How the Sun *really* shines

You never would’ve guessed that nuclear physics could be this easy. “Mr. Burns: Smithers, hand me that ice-cream scoop.Smithers: Ice-cream scoop?Mr. Burns: Damn it, Smithers! This isn’t rocket science, it’s brain […]

Bruce Lee on Transformation

Sex symbol. Lethal weapon. Superstar. Chuck Norris dominator. Whatever epic descriptions we use to remember Bruce Lee, it’s hard to imagine this legendary martial artist once struggled in his career. […]

Is Holden Caulfield Obnoxious?

You already know where you stand on Holden Caulfield. Either you found him a kindred spirit in your youth and continue to sympathize with him—less blindly, more wistfully—as you age; […]