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New Survey: Scientists and Experts Have Different Views. Well, D’UH! But WHY!?

A new survey confirms that the lay public trusts science and scientists, but that scientists and the public have different views on specific issues. Unfortunately, the survey tells us how people feel, but not why, which we have to understand if we're going to try and narrow the perception gap between what the public believes and what the bulk of the scientific evidence indicates, a gap that cause all kinds of harm.

Errol Morris: Disbelieving is Seeing

"We see on the basis of what we believe, not the other way around," Errol Morris told Big Think in a recent interview. In other words, our relationship to the truth is never neutral nor "value-free."   

Three Cheers for Failure!

Last week I vowed to pay more attention to replication in psychology experiments. Repeated experiments are an important test of whether a finding is “really out there” or an accident, […]