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The Case Against Empathy

It’s hard to imagine empathy being anything but beneficial. It has become one of the most championed mental states in the neuroscience age: the ability to feel what someone else is feeling and, if all goes well, extend a hand altruistically or compassionately.

The Sad, Strange History of “Degenerate Art”

“Crazy at any price!” read a sign above the modern art masterpieces at the Nazi-sponsored Entartete Kunst (“Degenerate Art,” in English) exhibition in Munich, Germany, in 1937. The fevered brainchild […]

The Planets that Never Were

How Worlds Thought in the 1960s to be Circling Barnard’s Star Turned out to be Illusions. Image via: In this golden age of exoplanet discovery, it is hard to […]

Darwin vs. Christianity and Transhumanism?

So my class on technology is beginning to consider skeptical views of the transformative possibilities of biotechnology. One comes from those who say that the evolutionary understanding of nature explains […]