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Voodoo Children

The old religion of Voodoo is rising from the rubble in Haiti as, in the aftermath of one of the world’s worst earthquakes, priests and missionaries compete for the souls of the survivors.

Recycled Medals

This winter's Olympic medals contain recycled material from junked electronic equipment like circuit boards and cathode ray tubes that would otherwise occupy a dump.

Salinger, Buddhist

No one writes like this. It’s crazy. No one will ever write like this again. Here are the opening paragraphs of Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters; the Zen story […]

Pius Move?

A top rabbi has accused the Pope of “insensitivity” towards Jews after he moved his World War II era predecessor Pope Pius XII a step close to sainthood.

An American in Paris

Has any other American artist been as overanalyzed as Thomas Eakins?  Pollock, Hopper, Rothko, and others have all been called to the critics’ psychological couch, but only Eakins has gotten […]

Improved education and $6,000 minimum average annual income required for democracy and peace

Israeli leaders have traditionally promoted peace as the path toward prosperity for Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu now reversed that logic by recognizing the importance of improved economic conditions as an important aspect of the path toward peace with Palestinians. Social science research suggests $6,000 annual average income as minimum for stable democracy and peace. Read my commentary at link: