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Foxing ‘Em?

Fox News has been criticized by the White House for its perceived right-wing bias. It was surprising therefore that President Barack Obama yesterday gave an interview to the channel.

Marry for Love (Forget the Rest)

The rest simply cannot be controlled. Yet apropos of Valentine’s Day, it’s worth considering something The Daily Beast reported recently, a remark made by philanthropist (and Edwards supporter) Bunny Mellon regarding John […]

No One Is Above The Rule! Miss Serena Williams!

Please! Miss Serena Williams, you just a Tennis players! You can F-word yourself, like Tiger did it ( I am sorry to put you in the scale of Serena, but your profanity is the same as her!) You can not F-word the empire! Play by the rule and respect to your profession! Please! Foot fault is foot fault. Miss Serena Williams. WE AMERICA, THE HOME OF THE BRAVE, DOES NOT NEED THIS KIND OF TENNIS CHAMPION IN US OPEN! Shame!