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In Praise of Tom Jones

Tom Jones’ old friend Elvis Presley once told him “You have the voice of a black singer. Are there any black people where you come from?” To which this multi […]

Full Disclosure

Since the murder of a middle school principal in the suburbs of DC last month, the Washington Post has grappled with the complexities of how much to disclose about a victim’s […]

“2nd Pregnant Man”

The world’s second known pregnant man is expecting a baby boy new month. Scott Moore and his partner, who were both born female, have undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Virginia Shooting

A manhunt involving hundreds of police and helicopters has been launched in Virginia after a rogue gunman went on the rampage and killed eight people.

Alcohol Enzyme

A cure may have been found for a defective alcohol metabolism enzyme that affects and estimated 1 billion people worldwide, according to research by the NIAAA.