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People with a death-wish

ONE of my childhood buddies died unexpectedly at the age of eighteen. That was many years ago, in Hamm, Germany. While alive, he was a known brawler, a brutish drunk, […]

Is Holden Caulfield Obnoxious?

You already know where you stand on Holden Caulfield. Either you found him a kindred spirit in your youth and continue to sympathize with him—less blindly, more wistfully—as you age; […]

Salinger, Buddhist

No one writes like this. It’s crazy. No one will ever write like this again. Here are the opening paragraphs of Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters; the Zen story […]

Hersh: Nuclear Mutiny in Pakistan?

One word haunts Seymour Hersh’s new investigative piece about the potentially shaky security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal: “mutiny.” As Hersh writes, “the Taliban overrunning Islamabad is not the only, or […]