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60 Years of Starstuff

The Sun’s light is due to nuclear fusion, which primarily converts hydrogen into helium. However, stars can undergo further processes, creating much heavier elements than that. Image credit: NASA / SDO. […]

Electric Apostasy: The Day Bob Dylan Died

For the 1960s generation, however, “the day the music died” was July 25, 1965 — the day when Bob Dylan crashed the 1965 Newport Folk Festival stage with an electric guitar in front of him and rock band behind him to rip into a loud, raucous version of his new hit, “Like a Rolling Stone.”

The Man Who Died for Poetry

A Q&A With Christian Wiman, Translator of Stolen Air When Osip Mandelstam died at age 47 in a Siberian work camp under the Stalin regime, he became one of twentieth-century […]