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Zen and the Art of Conviction

There’s always something electric in the atmosphere when someone dares to assert spiritual convictions in a decidedly secular context. It’s almost like, “I can’t believe s/he had the courage to […]

Power Woman, Meet the New Masculinity

In our last post, Meet The New “Power Woman,” we discussed the emergence of the Power Woman as a positive archetype in popular culture and we also pointed to the changing roles […]

Southern Views

So I’ve gotten some touching emails asking whether I was sick or dead because I hadn’t blogged for almost a whole week.  Well, I was sick with an unfashionable or […]

Jimmy Carter (More Than) Okay with President Romney

The most active, often eloquent, and judgmental of our ex-presidents—Jimmy Carter—explains why he would be comfortable with President Mitt Romney: “I’d rather have a Democrat but I would be comfortable,” […]