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Understanding the Role of the Teacher

The term ‘teacher’ has numerous connotations. The word immediately conjures images of high school biology and history. Culturally we recognize the inherent importance of those who assume such a role, […]

Is Enlightenment the Goal?

The top rung of Patanjali’s eight-limbed Ashtanga ladder, Samadhi, has been defined in numerous ways. Usually associated with the last step before enlightenment, it is translated as ‘ecstasy,’ and has […]

The Resurrection of Non-Western Civilizations

Shengren, Junzi, Ruxue: The Chinese World is Coming Back in Full Circle “…the creator, when he arises, always finds himself overwhelmingly outnumbered by the inert uncreative mass…” – Arnold J. […]

The End of the Guru

In the last month, two people that I’ve critiqued in this column have replied and created fruitful dialogues. J. Brown, a teacher whom I respect for his intellectual fortitude, just […]