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11 Online Grammar Checking Tools To Make Your Writing Flawless

The art of correct grammar and perfect punctuation is a skill that many writers struggle to grasp. Whether you are writing a blog, novel, an, APA outline, or a job application, having your work completed with correct spelling and grammar is something that will separate you from the beginners to the professionals. Technology is at our fingertips and a simple online analysis could be the difference between you winning over an employee or losing your chance at a dream job. So what tools are available online that will help you with having the gift of the gab?

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular online tools for grammar checks and can offer a free analysis of your work in order to determine whether you have any spelling or punctuation problems (e.g. apostrophe, commas, etc.). You can also upgrade to a premium version, which can give you further insight into whether you are using correct vocabulary. It even provides a plagiarism check!

2. ConfidentWriters

ConfidentWriters is an online service that employs professional editors and proofreaders who can revise your work for a small fee. The service also specializes on writing essays and book summaries, the most popular ones being Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass summary and summaries on The Chrysanthemums and A Good Man is Hard to Find.

3. CorrectEnglish Complete

CorrectEnglish Complete has key benefits that will make this online grammar tool stand out from the rest. It offers instant proofreading, support for international and multilingual writers, integrated writing tools and tips, enhanced peer reviews and collaborations, CiteSmart originality detection and immediate writing evaluation. By far, one of the top grammar tools for writers!

4. SpellCheck Plus Pro

SpellCheck Plus Pro is a paid tool that offers many advantages to the free grammatical checks available. It is free from advertising and allows you to create a writing portfolio of all texts that you have previously written. SpellCheck Plus Pro also provides interactive grammar exercises so that you can improve your spelling and punctuation skills.

5. Ginger

If proofreading is your punch of choice, Ginger will help with all of your grammar needs. It can help with your contextual spelling correction, misused words and even your sentence rephrase. Ginger also provides personalized detailed reports so you can find and learn from any recurring mistakes.

6. After the Deadline

Created by the same people who invented the blogging platform “WordPress”, After the Deadline is a fantastic tool to help writers with their grammar skills. Not only does it check your grammar, it also analyses your style, spelling, misused words and even explains your errors so that you can develop an understanding of your mistakes.

7. White Smoke

White Smoke is another online tool that provides efficient results for those needing to check their grammar and spelling. The paid version offers monthly, quarterly, yearly or even a one-off option for payments and is worth every dollar. Not only does it help you with your grammar, but it also offers a full-text translator for those who are in need of a translating tool.


This grammar service is a free online tool that helps you analyze syntax errors, misused words and punctuation errors. Spellchecker also includes a dictionary and is available in American English, British English and 24 other languages.

9. Online Text Correction

Online Correction is a great online tool for those who want a simple grammar check to help with basic grammar and stylistic mistakes- all in an easy to understand web page. Simply add in your text, submit the results and an explanation will be provided instantly!

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Powered by After the Deadline, provides advanced grammar and spell check tools to ensure your writing is top-notch. With the latest posts providing information such as “How to write an argumentative essay“, you know you are in capable hands when looking for a reliable grammar tool source.

11. Language tool

Language tool is a proofreading program that analyzes spelling and basic grammar. The downloadable open source program allows you to check your work in languages such as English, French, German, Polish and many more. Free to use, many writers find this option quick and simple to use whilst writing.

There is a vast amount of tools on the Internet to help with your grammar; however, these are the top grammar tools for writers. Keep these tools at hand to ensure that your work is filled with the correct grammar, punctuation and spelling!


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