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Gushing Over Glee

Some see a shallow sitcom or feather-light comedy. Matt Zoller Seitz sees “radical sincerity” in Glee, “one of the most stylistically bold broadcast network shows since Twin Peaks.”
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Some see a shallow sitcom but Matt Zoller Seitz sees a stylistically bold show in Glee. Likening its impact to Twin Peaks, he says its great accomplishment was creating a zone where contemporary Americans could live, “without the encumbrance of quote marks, forget context and logic and justifications of any sort, and let rip with a pop smash or a Broadway show tune.” “The difference between adequate escapist fluff and transcendent popular art is the difference between the moments where “Glee” characters talk and the moments when they sing… When they sing, they assert their uniqueness, their bravery, their indestructible purity of heart,” he says.


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