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Here are some things that you may remember from the science fiction movie classic, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial:

  • At the beginning, E.T. is a little bit mysterious and spooky
  • Most of the adults are fearful of E.T.
  • The children generally react to E.T. matter-of-factly or with a sense of joy and play
  • Those who become comfortable with E.T. discover that it can augment their personal abilities (mental bonding) and make other amazing things happen (telekinesis, revival of a dying plant)
  • E.T. often has no clue – or doesn’t seem to care – about fitting into the surrounding environment; it just does its own thing
  • E.T. is easily (and sometimes disastrously) attracted to new things (pizza, Reese’s Pieces, television, beer)
  • Sometimes E.T. wreaks havoc (frogs!)
  • E.T. touches people’s emotions: it’s vexing, wondrous, and exhilarating; it makes people laugh and cry
  • Those who really understand E.T. are impacted quite powerfully by it
  • In many ways our world is both hostile and toxic to E.T.
  • The government reacts with a heavy hand and tries to lock everything down and keep everyone safe from E.T.
  • Ultimately, E.T. has to live in its own special world in order to thrive
  • Go back and read this list again. Kind of sounds like Educational Technology (E.T.), doesn’t it?

    Image credit:E.T.


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