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HELP WANTED – THE PUSH: Elementary teacher blogs

Just a few days left for THE PUSH! Today we focus on ELEMENTARY TEACHERS. What are some excellent elementary teacher blogs that P-6 educators should be reading? We’re looking for excellent examples of blogs where elementary teachers generally share their thoughts and work. If you know of some, please add them to the Moving Forward wiki. [Note: On Thursday we worked on elementary classroom blogs where students are writing and sharing. Also, we already covered subject-specific blogs, including preschool / early childhood education blogs.]

Why are we doing this?

  • To identify blogs that P-12 teachers can use to initially seed (or expand) their RSS readers
  • To create a single location where P-12 educators can go to see excellent educational blogging
  • To highlight excellent disciplinary blogging that deserves larger audiences
  • To learn from disciplines other than our own and get ideas about our own teaching and/or blogging
  • Thanks in advance for helping with this initiative. If we all contribute, at the end we should have a bevy of excellent P-12 blogs to which we can all point. Please spread the word about THE PUSH!

    FYI, our last push was successful. We now have a list of 48 excellent elementary classroom blogs. With 5 days to go, we’re doing okay in most other areas but could use some help with these:

    • agricultural education blogs (only have 3),
    • athletics / extracurricular activities (only have 1),
    • drama / theater education blogs (only have 1),
    • family / consumer sciences education blogs (only have 3),
    • physical / health education blogs (only have 7), and
    • school counseling / college and career counseling / career education / school psychology blogs (only have 3),
    • vocational / applied / industrial technology education blogs (only have 2).

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