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Guest Thinkers

What’s WRONG with the edublogosphere?

Darren Rowse had a brilliant idea to ask, “What’s wrong with blogging?” I think we should ask this about the edublogosphere as well. So…

   What’s wrong with edublogging?
   (or, if you like, What’s wrong with the edublogosphere?)

I invite you to share your thoughts, either in the comments area or as a post on your own blog (please leave us a link in the comments area, though!). As Darren notes, this is a great opportunity to deconstruct the medium and get some stuff off your chest that frustrates you about the edublogosphere. Share whatever you want as long as it is NOT positive (as Darren says!). Also, it probably would be more polite if you wrote about general issues rather than go after particular bloggers (if you must do the latter, go easy on me!).

I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts. Note that tomorrow I’ll ask you what’s RIGHT with the edublogosphere!


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