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Robert Daughtry

I am an artist who lives in rural Vermont. When I was young, a high school dropout on my on with few resources, I lived, worked and traveled throughout Greater Europe for five years. It was the late fifties and sixties and spent most of this time living in Madrid. An artist even then, the art and architecture of Europe had a major impact. I have been very fortunate. For example, after having worked for six months on a North Atlantic German fishing trawler off Greenland and Island I returned to the States in April of 1967. To Cambridge, MA. I got a job working in the Biology Department, Dana Labs, at Tufts University. I ended up a technical assistant to the Chairwoman of the Department and after eighteen months went to work at Harvard. All fundamental research. These jobs and especially the people gave my an excellent foundation in the sciences and a lasting love for them. I moved to Vermont in 1969 and eventually earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics.