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September 20, 2022
The Progress Issue
In this inaugural special issue we set out to explore progress — how it happens, how we nurture it and how we stifle it, and what changes are required in how we approach our most serious problems to ensure greater progress for all. 

It’s not just immoral that in a world of plenty

there are still people living in poverty, but it’s also an extraordinary waste. … We don’t have to choose between equality of opportunity and economic growth. I think we should strive for both.

RUTGER BREGMAN responding to the question “How can we work to ensure that progress benefits everyone?”
Earlier this month, Big Think sat down with filmmaker Jason Sussberg of Structure Films to discuss We Are As Gods, a new documentary produced by Jason and fellow filmmaker David […]
Brandon Stewart is a content strategist living in Los Angeles. He specializes in storytelling, creative strategy, and building exceptional teams that deliver amazing creative results. He currently serves as the[…]

The realistic case for optimism is not unfounded. 

There are countless examples— from poverty and health, to technology and environment—of positive change. We should be impatient about changing them faster. To drive progress, we need to become impatient optimists.”

Hannah Ritchie
Writer at Our World in Data